10 Popular Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Starting a business has many challenges, make sure marketing is not one of them!

Growing a small business can be challenging to say the least. Many unexpected challenges can quickly derail your train to success.

Marketing is often overlooked, however, if done thoughtfully it can make a world of difference.

Marketing professionals use various strategies to draw in the ideal clients for their companies. Furthermore, marketing is used to achieve sales goals.

Know your audience

The most effective marketing strategy, according to FreshBooks, involves a clear understanding of your target audience. By doing so, one will be able to utilize other strategies to their maximum potential.

So how do I know who my target audience is you might ask? By asking questions. 

How old are they, where do they live, and how do they find products they are interested in? By answering these questions, one will be able to utilize additional strategies effectively.

Cold email marketing

Even though many sceptics assume this technique is ineffective, it is still capable of producing surprising results if used skilfully.

Small businesses especially benefit from this technique since it allows them to introduce themselves to many potential customers.

Nevertheless, before sending out emails to tens of thousands of companies, evaluate which companies lack the departments in which you specialize.

In this way, you can create an email list of relevant companies. Once your list is complete, you can draft a personalised email offering your services and explaining why it would benefit their establishment.

Be sure to respond promptly to any inquiries, as a quick response will show business owners you are reliable and can be trusted.

Social media

In this day and age, having a presence on the internet is vital. The significance of a website cannot be overstated, but the importance of building your brand on social media cannot be understated either.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are social media platforms where a presence can make a big difference. Gaining a following on these platforms will drive traffic to your website and likely lead to sales.

Using influencers

A social media influencer is an individual who creates online content that appeals to a specific audience. Employing influencers to promote your products and services is a great way to generate traffic, especially if they have gained a large following.

Furthermore, it is easier to target a specific audience through an influencer as they usually work within a niche, which means you can find one who targets the same audience as you.

It offers a much more substantial return on investment than paying for an advertisement that reaches thousands but appeals only to a quarter of them.

Maintaining a budget is trouble-free as the price for a promotion depends on the influencer’s amount of followers and the duration of the promotion. In other words, the price and terms and conditions are negotiable.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

According to bluehost, Google searches are the go-to method for driving traffic to your website. To rank high in Google searches a company must optimize its page keywords.

The Search engine optimization (SEO) process aims to improve the visibility and appearance of web pages in organic search results. Visitors who reach your website in this manner are known as organic traffic.

With a high-ranking page organic traffic becomes consistent, user experience improves, and you receive a high return on investment. The use of  SEO is, therefore, a “no-brainer” for any business owner.

Directing traffic with blogs

Blogging is an excellent way of introducing people to your business.

Writing about trending events related to your business niche will catch readers’ attention, directing them to similar topics on your website.

Increasing traffic to your website should be the goal with these blogs as each reader is a potential customer.

Cold calling

Despite being a dreaded marketing strategy, cold calling has been employed for over a hundred years, proving its effectiveness.

Direct communication with prospects is a significant benefit of cold calling. This allows prospects to ask questions and receive instant feedback states indeed.

The ability to reach a significant amount of people in a short period of time is another reason companies utilize cold calling. More calls mean more potential customers hearing about your company.


Distributing flyers to a specific area close to your business can help attract customers. Flyers are a cheap and effective form of marketing that shows customers important information about your business.

Flyers should be informative, featuring the products and or services you provide alongside contact details, and addresses. Using the flyer as a coupon can attract first-time customers to your shop.


When used as a lead magnet for email campaigns, webinars can attract a large number of new members to your list.

According to buildfire people frequently believe they are getting much more value through Q&A than they would from watching a video containing the same material.

Webinars are quite effective in specific niches. Nevertheless, you’ll need to test it out to find out if it resonates with your intended audience.

Join local business groups

In order to promote your small business effectively, Entrepreneur recommends connecting with neighbouring companies.

By launching a joint marketing campaign, both of your businesses will be able to promote each other and grow simultaneously.

Start by engaging with other local business operators to establish connections with nearby companies. Participate in business gatherings and internet groups that promote cooperation among local businesses.

Growing a small business is challenging. Unexpected difficulties can quickly demotivate even the most experienced entrepreneur.

Marketing is fundamental to any business no matter the size. Being watchful over the strategies used in your business will ensure that unexpected marketing challenges are kept to a minimum.

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