Top 10 Most Profitable YouTube Niches.

From cars to finance, unveiling the most profitable Youtube niches for aspiring creators.

YouTube has come a long way since the first video was uploaded in 2005. Thousands of creators have since made a career from creating YouTube content.

Anyone can start a YouTube channel, however, turning a profit from your videos can be more complex than one expects. The data is clear and it shows some niches receive a higher payout than others.

According to Stash Vine, we can measure an estimated payout by looking at the CPM, the amount Youtubers can expect to be paid on their videos per 1000 ad views.

Many factors contribute to the growth and potential earnings though, and consistently uploading is one of them, therefore, picking a niche you would enjoy making videos about is an important part of avoiding early burnout.

Nevertheless, looking at the collected data we can get an average of the profits of some YouTube Niches.

Making money online

Making money online is a well-known topic for anyone who uses YouTube. Most people are interested in finding new ways to earn some extra cash with a side hustle.

Making money online fast is a catchy title used by many content creators. Advertisers are willing to pay good money for placing their ads on this popular genre of videos. This is the most profitable niche on YouTube with an average CPM of around R260.

Digital Marketing

In today’s electronic world, digital marketing has become a popular career choice for many.

The demand for learning everything there is to know about this field is high and what better place to learn about it than YouTube, after all, it’s free!

High demand means high viewership, making this the second most profitable niche on Youtube. An average of R240 per one thousand views is not bad at all.

Finance and Investing

Over the past few years, Youtube has seen a significant increase in personal finance and investing enthusiasts.

The economy is in a peculiar place. People are always looking for advice and reassurance about their money.

If you have some expertise in these fields and are passionate about all things financial, the time for starting your YouTube journey is now.

The average CPM for this niche is R235, which is already high. However, by gaining the trust of your audience you can later add your financial courses to your videos available for purchase. This can boost your revenue even more.


Whether it’s educational content for kids, high-school chemistry, or documentaries, when done correctly, this can be one of the most profitable genres of Youtube videos.

A benefit usually looked over is the fact that educational videos are often played more than once in order to understand what is being said, inflating the views along the way.

In much the same way as financial investment content, educational YouTubers can add extra sources of information to their channel available for purchase, increasing the already lucrative R190 CPM.

Film and Photography

From students in need of some extra information on how to get the best pictures for their assignments, to hobbyists exploring everything their camera has to offer, thousands of people love cameras.

Since the birth of social media, photography has only seen a growth in popularity and with a CPM of R140, it is clear to see just how many people are interested in this topic.

While this niche may be getting slightly over-saturated, releasing videos with a high production value and helpful information is a sure way to grow your audience.


YouTube is filled with content about cars, racing, tutorials, building project cars, you name it.

According to Hello Bombshell this popular niche offers a CPM of R85 and many exciting topics that can be used to keep your viewers engaged in your content, leaving them craving for more and waiting for your next upload.

Lifestyle Vlogs

Document your daily life, whatever you do, the chances are, people will be interested.

Standing out in the mass of YouTube vloggers can be challenging. Nevertheless, one of the pioneers of vlogging, Casey Neistat set himself apart by only releasing top-quality content.

Following his example, one should focus on finding what you would like to vlog consistently, and how you will make your videos unique. Lifestyle vlogging has an average CPM of R70.

Fashion and Clothing

Many people enjoy receiving tips from well-dressed content creators, whichever gender you target, we all need some fashion advice now and again.

It’s not easy figuring out what to wear for a particular event, mixing and matching every piece of clothing to find something that you think works can be a frustrating experience.

Fashionistas on YouTube often explain the basics of what goes together and how to make the most of what is available in your closet.

With an average CPM of R60, you can have a great payout regardless if you’re just starting out.


Countless people purely watch YouTube for entertainment. Sitting back after a long day at work to watch your favourite content creator’s new video is something everyone should experience.

The entertainment genre truly is wide. Comedy, music videos, and animation all fall under the entertainment category. This genre is for the creative minds of the world.

One of the best examples of entertainment Youtubers is Mr Beast. This niche’s CPM might be on the lower part of this list at R50, however, receiving millions of views on each video is not a bad day at the office.


Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have the motivation to cook a massive meal just for one.

According to The Niche Guru, creating a cooking channel has the benefit of expanding your content to more than just showing off new recipes.

Creating sub-categories such as healthy snacks and vegetarian options opens your channel to new audiences.

The average CPM for a cooking channel is around R45, however, aligning your Youtube content with short-form Instagram Reels and TikTok videos can boost exposure to your Youtube channel.

Whatever you love doing, film while you do it. As it turns out, as long as you are consistent, and have good-quality content, you will gain subscribers in no time.

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