Top 10 Side Hustles for Students in South Africa

Ignore the gurus, with a bit of research, you will be the one teaching them.

“Join my course today and you will be rich in no time!”. We have all heard this phrase — so-called money gurus promoting their financial courses. Unfortunately, these “gurus’” are more interested in selling than teaching.

There are many reasons a student would need some extra cash.

Fortunately, there’s a vast amount of side hustles available, with only an hour per night and an internet connection you can start making money from your bed.


Whether you live in a hostel or a private residence close to campus, you are surrounded by potential customers.

If language is your speciality, this is the side hustle for you. Reading through blogs, books, articles, and assignments correcting grammar and spelling.

The best part is the fact that there’s a constant flow of academic papers around you, making business easy to find.

Selling stock photos and videos

Are you studying photography? Turn your school work into a profitable business.

Whether you take photos for your studies or as a hobby, good-quality photos and videos can earn serious money. Many sites like Getty Images and Shutterfly buy stock images and videos.

Firstly, register your profile and then sell your photos, it’s as easy as that.

Dog Walking

Turn a free afternoon into easy money with a touch of exercise.

If you love animals, enjoy the outdoors, and only have an hour of free time per day, walking dogs is perfect for you. Start by walking friends’ dogs first.

As you gain experience, use websites like Rover to make a profile, schedule walks, and get more customers.

Alongside spending quality time with dogs, there is also the benefit of getting a workout while making money.


Have you ever helped explain something to a friend before an exam? If so, you may have a skill worth selling.

According to SchoolFinder, you can find a tutoring position online as a freelancer or as a private tutor in your area.

Consider talking to your university as the university likely presents opportunities for you to tutor fellow students. If this seems a bit intimidating, you can always start by helping your friends study.


If you enjoy driving around town and meeting new people, put some extra money in your pocket by taking on passengers.

If you live close to a university, the nightlife can be exciting. Pubs, clubs, and restaurants are everywhere.

Most students’ main transport is walking. However, after a big night out, they may not prefer to walk home and would be willing to leave a big tip for a driver who can take them home safely.

Students can join Bolt or Uber and set their work schedules to fit their studies.


As a student, you may already know how to write essays. With a few adjustments, you can turn them profitable and start blogging.

Advertise yourself as a freelancer by posting your blogging services on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember to ask for feedback after each project, this will help you improve your writing and eventually be able to charge higher rates. Use finished projects as references to show customers what you are capable of producing.

Blogging allows you to work from home and on your own time, leaving more than enough time for your studies.


Do you love children? If so, turn your time into money by babysitting.

According to SME South Africa, it is possible to turn babysitting profitable, if you get enough clients. With some luck, the children may even fall asleep early and leave you time to catch up on some school work.

Become a translator

If you are bilingual, there is a large amount of translating opportunities available for you.

First, use websites like Fiverr to set up a profile and work as a freelancer. This will let you work on projects whenever you have time and allow you to work from home.

Voice acting

Talk your way to success. From radio and television commercials to sports announcing, your voice wants to be heard.

According to TymeBank, it is important to be comfortable with your voice. Practice reading out loud until you feel confident enough to record a high-quality demo at a studio. Thereafter, list yourself on freelance websites and recording studios.


A skill lost in the 21st century, making a come-back with a remunerative market.

In a town filled with students following every fashion trend and new statement, the potential for breaking your cash-flow problem is enormous.

Besieged by youthful fashionistas with a constant need for alterations to their attire, the skill of remodeling their look for half the price of new clothes can be a gold mine.

Market your skill on social media and with roommates. Before you know it, you will be employing your friends to keep up with the demand.

Do not step into the traps of the fake money gurus of the internet, when doing the appropriate research there is no need for their expensive courses. Understand the market of your business, and you will be successful.

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