Why Study Digital Marketing?

A fast paced, ever-changing and exciting industry to be a part of.

As the internet and digital-based business continues to grow the demand for skilled digital marketers continue to increase. Brands online and offline use digital media channels to market their brands, products and services.

Not only is there immense opportunity but you will be exposed to a fast-changing and innovative environment where you can combine creative strategy with market-leading tools and platforms to achieve various outcomes dependent on your objectives for you or a business.


Digital marketing is borderless. Through the internet nearly every device connected to the internet is reachable. With this capability, it is no wonder that businesses are investing millions into digital marketing channels in order to reach their target market.

Not only can businesses reach their desired audiences, but businesses can enter new markets and scale their businesses to new levels without logistical nightmares.

Furthermore businesses can continually monitor their brand presence online and build communities while being communicative with their customers.

Borderless goes beyond a business’s aspirations with digital marketing. As a digital marketer, you will be able to work from anywhere in the world and find a specialty that suits you or start your own digital marketing agency.

Room to grow

As a digital marketer, you’re always growing and can always pick up a new skill. You will also use many tools to make your work easier and which will require time learning how to use them effectively.

A career in digital marketing will see you start out as an intern, and slowly progress to mid then senior level positions. All with their own perks but not to mention responsibilities and challenges.

Studying digital marketing is a ongoing commitment for as long as you are apart of this wide-reaching industry.

Demand outweighs supply

Digital marketers are in high demand, especially skilled specialists. Reason being that there are so many businesses and products around today that require assistance in establishing, maintaining, and growing an online presence.

While digital marketing has become more mainstream and a viable career path for many, by doing a quick Google search for digital marketing related jobs, you’ll quickly find that there are thousands of listings all competing for top talent on an international scale.

Choosing digital marketing enables one to be adaptable, you may start out as a social media marketer but later move to another role which you feel is better suited for you, like online reputation management or search engine optimization for example.

Work-life balance

While it is extremally difficult to define what work-life balance actually refers to or what it means to you, digital marketing gigs can take many forms, from corporate 9-5, agency life, freelancing, or your own business.

For example, you could work for an agency and be exposed to many of the worlds ‘big name’ brands or you can go directly in-house at one of these brands and hone your skills and focus your efforts on that brand.

Alternatively, you could start your own digital marketing business or freelance on your own time and take on the work you want to do.

Starting a business does also not mean having to do digital marketing for yourself, it could be as simple as a blog where you would need to produce high quality articles paired with social media marketing and a hands-on approach to SEO.

Exciting developments

Platforms are ever-evolving and new cool features are constantly being released. Take AI tool ChatGPT for example, which is helping digital marketers work faster and be more efficient with there workflows, saving time and money.

The world of digital marketing is also no stranger to conferences where the best agencies and marketing professionals share case studies, successes and failures.

Next, you are able to make the decision on doing creative work, strategy, or implementation. There’s really something for everyone and you can explore different roles and projects to find what works for you.

Thanks to the high demand for skilled digital marketers, you also won’t feel stuck and know that you can always pivot your focus and specialty down the line.

Financial incentives

Working in digital marketing can be very financially rewarding. While you wont earn much as an intern or just starting out, as you progress through your career and build up your portfolio and skillset you will be ever more in demand and can become a highly paid professional.

Freelancing, or having your own business such as a digital marketing agency, can allow you to set your own rates and drive high-revenue numbers.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider studying digital marketing. Work within a supportive community of creatives, strategists and analysts driving digital performance for the brands you know and love across borders.

All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and the continued will to keep learning and improving.

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