7 of the Highest Paying Freelance Jobs in South Africa

Maybe you have all the skills it takes to become a highly paid freelancer in South Africa.

In this article, we explore the top seven highest paying freelance jobs in South Africa. Who knows? Maybe you have all the skills it takes to become a highly paid freelancer.

Disclaimer* Figures are based on general findings and can differ with time due to currency fluctuations. There is no get rich quick scheme, to earn a lot of money through freelancing takes time, hard work and a good sense of ambition, attitude and perseverance to build a professional personal brand. To earn the highest, you have to work the hardest. To become a successful freelancer in South Africa read the following:

4 Easy steps to become a freelancer in South Africa

1. Paid Media Specialist

A paid media specialist is usually in charge of managing a company’s paid digital marketing campaigns and effort which includes PPC, display ads, sponsored or paid search, social media promotional posts and paid online advertisements.

To become a paid media specialist, you need a general knowledge of digital marketing and need to obtain an online certificate in google ads. Skills required for this job include the ability to analyse and interpret data accurately, the ability to think practical and creative, have a proficiency in Microsoft word, excel, and PowerPoint.

Additionally, you need to have excellent verbal written communication skills and be comfortable with daily online meetings. Companies are moving away from traditional marketing methods and investing more in digital marketing, thus this particular job is in very high demand and the opportunities will continue to grow. 

The average expected salary in South Africa is approximately R 300 000 a year for an intermediate with R 25 000+/ month and for entry-level = R 15 000/ month. Experts can earn up to R 50 000/ month. 

However, if you’re looking to work on a global scale you can expect figures of R 50 000/month even at entry-level and up to R 100 000 a month as an expert.

The hourly rate for a Paid Media specialist is 10-30$+ (USD) on Upwork

2. Tutoring

Are you good at something particular? You can easily earn an extra income through online tutoring and if you present yourself in the right way, you can earn up to R 90/ hour in South Africa which isn’t too bad.

If you have a degree in something and assist students with course work worldwide you can make up to R 300 per hour. Especially if you’re proficient in English. The anticipated salary for an online English tutor as a part-time job is R 30 000/ month.

If you get “pro verified” or “Top rated” you can get up to $50/ hour on Upwork or Fiverr

3. Web Development

If you’re good at coding and you are a creative being, web development is the perfect job for you and you can make a lot of money while at it! The expected average salary of a full-time web developer is R1 Million annually.

On freelance platforms, you can aspire to get paid between $50-$80 an hour. Just make sure to create an appealing profile and keep clients happy to receive good reviews and rank higher. 

4. Clickfunnels Specialist

You might not have heard of the term “click funnels” before, because it is relatively new. However, recently the popularity has been growing and growing fast.

But what are click funnels?  Clickfunnels in essence is not just a term used to describe a marketing funnel effect of “clicks” consumer follow but also an enterprise that offers an online platform for creating high-converting websites and sales funnels.

Companies generally hire click funnel specialist to manage and build landing pages that will eventually funnel out qualified leads and generate revenue.

Clickfunnels can also be used to build webinars, squeeze pages and membership sites.  Companies hire Clickfunnels specialist because the business owner cannot juggle everything at once.

The click funnel specialist will be responsible for designing the landing page to be appealing and relevant to prospects and also ensuring everything runs smoothly.

A Clickfunnels specialist can earn up to a whopping $150 / hour. In ZAR terms If you consider that as your full-time job you will be looking at five figures a month with the salary topping at R 300 000/ month. 

5. Voice Over Artists

The world wide web can become a place of clutter with everyone trying to steal your attention, that is why companies invest in online video production which is more effective than most marketing communications.

Has someone ever told you that you have the voice of an angel?  Voice over actors or artists is hired for many reasons, mostly for advertisement video or presentation purposes.

There are a lot of possibilities for voice artists and money too! You can also be hired to read a book to produce an audiobook, an animation movie or professional corporate presentation or YouTube video voice over.

Voice acting works a bit different than other freelance work. Firstly, you have to have your own recording equipment and secondly, you only get paid for the hours your “voice” has been used.

For example, if you talk or act for 1 hour, you get paid for that hour. So if you consider that as a full-time job you will have to speak for 8 hours which can be daunting, thus, voice-over artists are more a part-time/freelance thing or on a project-basis, nonetheless, you can earn big…

Good voice artists can make up to $125/hour or approximately R 1800/ hour. If you get hired for a long term project such as being the voice over for an entire YouTube channel or audiobooks, you can expect to earn a salary of R 50 000 a month 

6. Contract Law Lawyers and Legal Practitioners

Do you have a passion for documentation, drafting, compiling and reviewing contracts? If you have a qualification in law you should really consider it as a freelancing side hustle, you might even earn more than your current job.  It will Depend on your experience in law how much you will earn online. 

If you get hired as a contract law lawyer you’ll be in charge of writing contracts, updating contracts, and ensuring the interests of your clients are secured.

These people are currently in high demand since more businesses are migrating online and need lawyers to draw up contracts to accommodate business on a global or international scale.  Also, people actively investing seek freelancers for legal advice. 

Whether you’re a family, business, criminal or personal lawyer and doing it on a freelance basis each case will differ, thus what you earn each month will differ. If you are lucky and get hired part-time you can anticipate an average income of R 30k/month.

On Upwork, earn up to $150 / hour and no less than $40/hour

7. Social Media Virtual Assistant

If you have any qualification in digital marketing or know the basics of social media marketing, you are qualified to become a social media virtual assistant.  

We recommend you familiarize yourself with content marketing as well. Brands worldwide are always looking for people to assist in online marketing tasks or someone that can manage their social media pages for them.

A job like this might entail responding to incoming messages across multiple channels, creating and scheduling content, constructing and executing social media marketing campaigns, report on various social media activities and lastly ensuring the brand’s presence online is known and that the business goals are integrated with the overall social media marketing plan.  

A full-time virtual assistant can earn R700k / year. For once-off jobs on Upwork, expect to earn $20-$50/hour.

The figures are promising, and demand for virtual assistance is increasing, with this in mind, one can be very optimistic in pursuing a career as a freelance virtual assistant. It’s also one of the easier freelance jobs available.

Did We Miss Something?

There you have it, seven of the top highest paying freelancing jobs in South Africa. If we missed a “high paying freelance job” let us know in the comment section below and if you want to learn more about how to become a full-time freelancer in South Africa, read the article 4 easy steps to become a freelancer in South Africa.

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Laurisca van Rhyn
Laurisca van Rhyn
Laurisca is a Digital Marketing Graduate, with over a year of experience as a Junior Digital Marketer and 3 years as a Freelance Digital Marketer working with international and global companies.




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