How To Make Money As A Gamer In South Africa

Game your way to financial freedom.

Nursing, medicine, teaching, and whatever your parents deemed best for you are no longer your only options! The exponential growth of technology has made any thinkable career virtually possible.

Your childhood dream of playing games all day is no longer a far-fetched fantasy, but a viable career choice. We will go over the practicalities of being a professional gamer in South Africa, hopefully, putting your mother’s skeptical mind at rest.

There is no stopping the video game market. 40% of South Africans play video games according to Africanews, making it the largest market in Africa.

It won’t be long before esports overtake the music and movie industries in our country. So how would I become part of this fast-growing industry, you might ask?

A variety of organizations host tournaments annually or weekly.

However, if that’s not your niche and you’d rather avoid the pressure, there several other platforms that allow users to monetize their game content.

Becoming a pro “esport athlete”


Rush is an annual occasion where esports fans, supporters, enthusiasts, and newcomers come together to witness the thrill of watching SA’s finest gamers battle it out on big screens.

However, there’s even better news: The event is open to all skill levels its one you don’t want to miss. A prize pool of R1 000 000 is up for grabs!


Mettlestate is an online esports platform that allows users to participate in weekly online tournaments for games like Fortnite, FIFA, CSGO, and PUBG Mobile.

However, don’t expect a game with your friend to be the same as a gaming tournament; in addition to no foul language or play, there are strict rules that each participant must adhere to.

Comic Con Africa

Comic Con Africa is a four-day festival that celebrates all aspects of pop culture, including cosplay, comic books, anime, manga, other creative works, films & series and books/authors.

Despite not being an exclusive gaming event, gamers can still compete for some cold hard cash in either a friendly or professional tournament.

Even though there are no registration fees, a Comic Con Africa admission ticket is still required to register for the gaming tournament.

Ways to “up your game”

Gain some experience

Join LAN (local area network) tournaments to gain some real experience. Even if you lose, these competitions are an excellent way to mentally prepare yourself for those major tournaments.

Don’t make any significant changes

Make sure you don’t double your playing time and sleep half as much as you used to. Maintain the same schedule. Even minor tweaks to your practice routine can throw off your rhythm and leave you feeling less than optimal on tournament day.

Align your practice routine with the tournament time

While this may seem counterintuitive to step 2, let me explain. A tournament starting at 8am will not be ideal for contestants who normally play after midnight.

Therefore, adjust your practice schedules to match the tournament starting time.  A two-week regimen of waking up early, eating breakfast, and practicing at the scheduled time will pay off in the end.

Select the appropriate team  

Devising the right team is crucial. As you will spend a great deal of time with them, choose people with whom you will be able to work well together.

Practice, practice, Practice


Through a combination of small payments called Bits, paid subscriptions, donations, and influencer marketing are Twitch streamers able to make a living. Twitch streamers can, however, target two programs to make monetization easier.

Twitch Affiliates

To be eligible for the Affiliate Program, applicants must meet all four requirements within 30 days. Qualified Twitch Affiliates can then monetize their channel and work towards the coveted Twitch Partner status.

Twitch Partners

The Twitch Partner program is geared towards the best video game broadcasters, personalities, leagues and teams on the platform.

To qualify, applicants must complete the Path to Partner Achievement or demonstrate large, engaged followings on the other services.

Nevertheless, even if you meet all the achievement criteria, a partnership is not guaranteed. Behaviour and interactions within the Twitch community are also assessed to ensure they are aligned with the Twitch Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and DMCA Guidelines.

An influencer’s social platforms are also taken into consideration by Twitch – therefore, an influencer who utilizes multiple platforms is more likely to succeed.


To create your channel, you need a Google Account, and to monetize your site, you need a Google AdSense account. However, there is still one thing you need, and that is an audience.

Ways to build your channel

1. Regularly post quality content

Keep a regular schedule and stream at least 2-3 times per week. By doing this, you provide a sense of consistency and reliability to your viewers, keeping them interested and engaged.

If you plan on streaming League of Legends, stick with it. In time, you can begin streaming other games, but for the time being stay true to your niche.

2. Engage with your audience

You should always reply to people’s comments, like and follow other channels, and converse with viewers throughout your stream to show them that you appreciate their support.

Promote your channel as much as you can.

Sharing your videos across other social media platforms will help you to reach a wider audience.

YouTube Partner

Although AdSense and views are enough to make money on YouTube, being a Partner makes it a lot easier. Members receive exclusive features and support from YouTube’s Creator support team.

In addition, members will have access to a Copyright Matching Tool that detects unauthorized use of their content.


Channel memberships allow creators to offer viewers exclusive content for a monthly fee. With super stickers and super chat messages, viewers can stand out in live chats to show their favourite creator their appreciation and support.

The higher the purchase amount, the longer the sticker or chat will display at the top of the feed.


Donations are another easy way to generate income through your YouTube channel. It is however not possible to donate through YouTube, so you will need to create either a Streamlabs or Patreon account.

Brand sponsorship and/or affiliate marketing.

Another opportunistic way to make a hefty amount of money on is through sponsorships and affiliate marketing. While YouTube does not offer this service, you can still use your channel and fan base to promote and sell products.

Times have changed. A degree no longer guarantees employment. Innovation and adaptability are your best bet. So, make that leap and start streaming or competing. It doesn’t have to be a dream; it can become a reality.

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