Top 10 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

If you love gaming, stop doing it for free and start earning today.

Gaming is one of the most popular niches in the world. From social media clips to full-length YouTube videos covering every game in existence.

This niche’s popularity has allowed gamers worldwide to make a living by recording themselves playing their favourite games. One stream of income for these gamers is through affiliate programs. 

What are affiliate gaming programs? A program that allows a marketer to promote goods and services in the gaming industry on their website, YouTube channel, or social media.

Gaming companies pay these content creators to use and promote their products in their videos – for example, using and reviewing a brand-new gaming mouse in their video.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best gaming affiliate programs available in 2023.


Describing themselves as the leading lifestyle brand for gamers. Razer has been setting itself apart since 2005 with new top-quality products made by gamers for gamers.

Razer products are not cheap, however, due to the top quality, it’s hard for gamers to be disappointed after spending the extra few cents. Gamers can earn 3$ commission for selling peripherals and $5 per system sold, including gaming laptops.

This program is free to join so if you are a gamer with an audience, why not start earning today?


One of the top manufacturers of computer accessories worldwide is Logitech. They were the initial designers of numerous innovations, including the trackball and the laser mouse.

By directing visitors to the Logitech website with your referral link you can earn a commission. Logitech offers a wide range of computer and gaming products making your chances of selling through your link much higher.

Gamers can earn from $4-$10 commission per sale generated through their link.


Every gamer’s fantasy gaming computer is created by Alienware. With their cutting-edge computers, they were also among the first businesses to take portability seriously with their state-of-the-art gaming laptops.

Since Dell purchased Alienware in 2006, you must join the Dell affiliate network.

These gaming systems are not cheap and therefore their $1 – $6 commission means there is serious money to be made here.


Although Nvidia is most famous for its selection of gaming video cards, they also produce workstations for artificial intelligence development and streaming media players.

Nvidia’s commission rate for their affiliate program is low, at 2% per sale it’s nothing to write home about, however, when looking at the price of the average graphics card sold, it is clear you can make some money here.

The added benefit of selling gaming computer components is that people often only keep a graphics card for a few years before upgrading it to the newest model, making recurring sales possible.


World of Warships and World of Tanks are two massively multiplayer online games found on Some of the most well-known games in the gaming industry are these.

You are compensated for new registrations as well as actions that players do in the games in this CPA-based affiliate system. Even though the payout is dependent on the country of origin, this program is global.

To be eligible, you must have 10,000 current members or at least 30,000 unique visitors. However, the payout can reach the height of $10 for each new registration.


With a strong dash of sparkle, ModdedZone breathes new life into plain game controllers.

ModdedZone will customise your controller to the extent of having individual components removed, you can get a controller tailored to your exact needs. Furthermore, they also sell gaming chairs.

With an average order amount of $177, affiliates get 5% of each sale or around $12 per referral.


GameFly is a game rental business that follows the Netflix business model. On a subscription basis, gamers rent games, which are then delivered to their homes.

Because it offers a large selection of the most popular franchises and because it is substantially less expensive than buying a video game at a retailer, this service continues to be in high demand.

You will receive a base commission of $15 whenever a visitor to your website registers for a trial or a subscription. Additionally, 5% of the funds that they spend on a new game will be given to you.


Bose is one of the greatest manufacturers of outstanding quality headphones and speakers.

Comfortable noise-cancelling headphones are a favourite among gamers since they let you fully immerse yourself in your chosen gaming environment.

The commission here is lower at $2 – $3, but you also need to consider the high price tag attached to Bose goods; a decent pair of wireless Bose headphones is about $300. This translates into a $10 commission for each set of headphones that a visitor buys.


Microsoft is arguably the most well-known brand when talking about computers.

Microsoft made it possible for people to be able to play games on their computers. This revolutionary development contributed to developing the massive gaming industry we know and love today.

Microsoft has a wide variety of products available for promotion, gaming consoles, computers and the latest version of Windows are all available in their store. They also offer a $2 commission rate for promoters.


Fanatical is a sizable online store where you can get genuine game keys. These digital download tickets can be used on many platforms, such as Steam and Epic Games.

By pushing the full-price titles, you may maximize the value of your commission when you register for the affiliate program and promote any of the games.

Serious gamers finish games within hours, meaning the $5 commission can quickly turn profitable as gamers buy new games regularly.

The days of people telling you to stop wasting your time playing games and to get a real job are over. There are no signs of this niche dying out anytime soon, making it possible for you to turn your favourite hobby into a profitable venture.

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